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Million-Dollar Budget

A million-dollar business starts with a budget.

Meant for startups, freelance businesses, and individuals. You need to have a plan in place that allows you to make decisions based on what’s best for your business while accommodating your personal needs.

The Million Dollar Budget will show you how to stop wasting your money and start making smart decisions.

With this budget, you can

  • Plan your monthly expenses
  • Plan your income.
  • Modify the expense
  • Modify and income values

All customizable to fit your actual needs

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Idea to CEO

Are you sick of your cubicle job…Fed up with paperwork…or frustrated with the lack of recognition at work…you need a life change. You deserve better.

And I bet you know you have a good idea but don’t have the capital to start your own business… you want something more, but must answer to a boss…you need a way out. Something practical. Something realistic. Something so simple and easy you could do it from your kitchen table.

Ideo to CEO is for entrepreneurs at all levels. Helping you implement your ideas into solid action.

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